Peace Doesn’t Last For Long On ‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Finale

Peace Doesn’t Last For Long On ‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Finale

One thing we’ve learned from
Love & Marriage Huntsville is that peace doesn’t last for long. This  season finale served up a heaping helping of drama. Martell flipped the script, Melody was unbothered and Marsau plays too damn much.  This episode was centered around Martell’s Inest Wine launch party, but it seems like most of the guests were there to sip some tea. Let’s get into this recap. 

Melody and Stormi

Melody is getting pampered by a masseuse when Stormi drops by to catch up. Melody fills her in on the family trip to Destin. Mel says that she and Martell got along well, but afterward she learned that her ex was putting her business out in these streets. According to the mother-of-four, Martell shared her personal information with his other baby mama, Arionne. Baby mama #2 wasted no time posting Melody’s business to  social media. When  Mel confronted her ex-husband, he accidentally called her Arionne. Ouch. 


Messy Destiny 

Martell is preparing for his event and he invites Chris and Destiny to assist him. Destiny asks about his new boo, Sheree. She then shows Martell a video of Melody’s interview with TMZ.  When they asked her about Martell’s new relationship, the mother- of -four said she has seen her ex date other women—including the relationship he had while they were married. Mel tells the paparazzi that she has no issues with Shereé, and she is unbothered by this budding love affair. 

Martell becomes angry after hearing this interview. When asked why he didn’t tell Melody about his relationship before it went public. He claimed that he didn’t owe Melody an explanation because they are not getting along right now.  According to him, they can “barely co-parent.”  They just came back from a family vacation where they seemed to be getting along and co-parenting just fine. Martell didn’t have to share his new relationship with his ex, but it’s strange that he didn’t—especially since they recently had a conversation about dating other people.  His movements seem to be very intentional  and this relationship is giving PR stunt vibes. 


The Scotts 

Meanwhile, Tisha and Marsau are also chopping it up about Mel’s interview. Neither one of them believe that the former Mrs. Holt is as “unbothered” as she said she is. Marsau believes Melody is perturbed because Martell  “leveled up” by dating the She-By -Sheree founder. The couple seems to be relishing Melody’s perceived jealousy. Their insatiable appetite for seeing Melody in pain is very telling.

The Inest Wine Launch Party 

The clan is gathers to celebrate the launch of Martell’s new  wine. Tisha, Stormi , Destiny and Tiffany all show up to support Martell —let them tell it. But the ladies seem to be more concerned about both Melody and Sheree’s whereabouts. Much to their disappointment, neither woman showed up. According to Martell, he and Sharee both thought it would be best if she sat this one out. 

Tiffany asked Destiny about her recent encounter with Melody. Destiny tried to shut it down but Tiff wasn’t picking up on social cues. Mrs. Whitlow appeared surprised when Destiny said “The only person that gets  on my nerves is Tiffany.” Whoa. This angst against Tiffany seems to have come out of nowhere. 

Chris confronts Marsau about using him as an alibi after facing cheating allegations. Marsau told his wife he was“with a friend” but then later said the “friend” was Chris.  Although Mr. Fletcher admits to seeing Marsau in Atlanta, he questions Mr. Scott’s motives. 

 Marsau claimed he didn’t like the way  his wife was “coming at him” so he purposely created a suspenseful moment by saying that he was “with a friend” instead of just coming right out and saying he was with Chris.   Say what now?  While LaTisha was in tears , he added to her anxiety by implying that he was with another woman—wow. 


The Ex’s Square Up

Martell stops by Melody’s house to pick up some items for the children. When he tries to enter the home, sis stops him at the front door.  Mel is angry with her ex-husband for sharing her Covid-19 status with his child’s mother , Arionne. Martell says that he only disclosed this information because Arionne’s son could have been exposed to the virus when he was with the other Holt children.  

Melody blames her ex-husband for his baby mama’s social media antics. Martell says he can’t be accountable for Arionne’s behavior. 

Martell accuses Melody of being mad about his relationship with Sheree. Mel reminds her ex that he was just trying to get back with her a few weeks ago. This man had the nerve to say that Mel has been with “way too many n-words” for him to ever want her.  The man who was passing extra -marital penis out like Halloween candy. As far as Martell not wanting Melody anymore— as the kids say, cap. 


The Love & Marriage Huntsville reunion special will air on Saturday, December 31st at 8pm EST on the OWN network 

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Peace Doesn’t Last For Long On ‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Finale

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