‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Episode 13 Was All Love, Apologies, And Tears

‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Episode 13 Was All Love, Apologies, And Tears

Maurice confides in his brother, Martell is triggered and Melody doesn’t hold back. Episode 13 of Love & Marriage Huntsville was all about the Holts. As they attempt to move forward, they realize that they must revisit their past and boy is it uncomfortable. Let’s get into it. 


The Scott Brothers 

Maurice visits his brother Marsau. He breaks the news about Kimmi’s cancer diagnosis. According to Marsau, LaTisha was under the impression that Kimmi’s diagnosis was not confirmed. Apparently Tisha misheard her sister-in-law. Marsau appeared to be shocked when he learned that Kimmi is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer. 

Maurice tells his brother that he pushed Kimmi to quit her nursing job to go into the real-estate business with him. After leaving her job, she had a lapse in insurance coverage which caused her to miss her mammogram appointment. Kimmi had to undergo a waiting period after switching to a new insurance carrier and making a new appointment slipped her mind. Maurice believes if he hadn’t coaxed Kimmi to leave her job, the cancer would have been detected earlier. He feels responsible for Kimmi’s condition. Maurice is being unfair to himself—especially since it’s impossible to know if the cancer would have been detected at that time.  The blame should go to a country that lacks accessible and affordable healthcare to all of its citizens, especially potential life-saving screenings.

A tearful Maurice goes on to say that he can’t  help but to worry about his wife’s mortality but he will continue to be strong for her. One cannot help but to empathize with Maurice. The elder Scott brother begins to sob in his brother’s embrace and our collective hearts broke. We hope Maurice is taking care of himself while he is taking care of Kimmi. Much love to them both. 


Shady Karaoke 

The former Mr and Mrs Holt are still vacationing in Destin with their children. Mama Van checks in with her daughter. Melody expresses her annoyance with Martell inviting the Scotts over without her permission. But otherwise she thinks the vacation is going well, however, she mentions that she has to retreat to her room often to “get her energy right.” 

The family heads to the harbor for a yacht ride. Due to a thunderstorm, their ride is postponed. They decide to wait out the storm with a little Karaoke. As the kids are picking out songs,  Melody jokingly asks Martell to play her song. Although Melody has released three singles, it was clear that Martell knew exactly what song she was referring to. Melody’s single, “Side Chick Award” was inspired by her ex husband and his side chick. The joke struck a nerve in the father of five. 

We then see a flashback from a previous season where Martel aggressively confronts his now ex-wife about her record. Welp, there wouldn’t have been a song about a side-chick, if he didn’t have a side chick. Just saying. 

The storm has passed and the family heads out to sea. Melody asks her former husband if he’s healed from their divorce. Martell says that he has, and he points out that Melody has thrown “several jabs” at him during the vacation. The former Mrs. Holt denies throwing any jabs, but sis has thrown a few sneak-punches in her ex’s direction. 


Well, This Is Awkward 

On their last night in Destin, Florida, Martell takes the family out for dinner. Unbeknownst to Mel, Martell has reserved a seperate table for he and his ex so they can talk. He first acknowledges that he used to complain about all the things that Mel wasn’t doing in the marriage. 

“Are you talking about head?” Melody asked. 

She is referring to the time that Martel tried to justify his habitual cheating by telling the world that Melody refused to perform fellatio on him.

Then she asked her ex-husband a question: 

“Did I give you head in the past?”

Martel admitted that Melody used to slob on that knob back in the day. His repeated that disrespect was probably the reason why she revoked his gawk-gawk privileges. 

The awkward, yet hilarious, moment was cut short when Melody states her disappointment with her ex-husband inviting the Scotts to the vacation home. She reminds Martell that the Scotts were part of the “team up against Mel” smear campaign. She went on to accuse her ex-husband of being “the ring leader.” 

Martell denies the allegations. Melody changes the subject by suggesting that they attend parenting classes to get assistance on co-parenting their children. Mr. Holt agrees to go and he then apologizes to his former wife for all the things “he put her through.” 

She visibly softens and says “I receive it.”  

She goes on to say although the romance is over, she does hope they can become friends. She then drops a bomb. Apparently Martell has been struggling with the idea of his ex dating another man. So much so that he crashed one of her dates. The audacity! However, the pair seemed to be in a great place when they say their goodbyes and head back to Huntsville, Alabama.

Social media has shown us that their reconciliation will be short -lived.

Love & Marriage Huntsville airs on Saturdays at 8PM EST on the OWN network. 

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‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Episode 13 Was All Love, Apologies, And Tears

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