5 Signs You Both Are Twin Flames: Heal Your Twin Flames Relationship With Past Life Regression

5 Signs You Both Are Twin Flames: Heal Your Twin Flames Relationship With Past Life Regression

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but it was deeper than that. A sense of belonging to a place I never knew I wanted but somehow always needed. It was a home that carried a heartbeat.

That is what meeting your twin flames feels like. It is a deep connection that has been a part of you for many lifetimes, a bond so strong that no matter the distance or obstacles, they always find their way back to each other. 

What Is A Twin Flame Relationship?

“He looked so familiar when I first met him. It was an instant connection. After 14 years of happy marriage, I can say that he is the one for me. The love of my life” 

“She literally takes my breath away. With her, I have learned so much about myself. She had made me a better person”

“It was tough in the beginning. We were like two mirrors who loved each other but also hated each other. It was strange. Fortunately, past life regression therapy showed us that we have been soulmates in many previous lives. Now it is impossible to be without each other”

These are statements by people who have found and loved their twin flames. 

A twin flame is like meeting someone who shares the same soul as you. It is an intense connection that forces you to wake up to your truth and follow your purpose. 

Having a twin flame relationship could feel like a rollercoaster ride. The love and passion are strong but so are the frustration and confusion. It can be healing and challenging. 

Since twin flames are two mirror souls, they will also bring up your fears, insecurities, and past wounds that need to be healed.  They will help you to become free from them and step into your true power.

That is why a twin flame relationship is never easy. It could also involve long separations and distance. However, two souls with a deep connection will always find their way back to each other. If not in this life then definitely in the next. 

5 signs of a Twin Flame Relationship

You share an instant connection

When you meet your twin flame for the very first time there will be an automatic pull or a feeling that you have met them before.  You will feel drawn to them like a bee to honey. 

The sense of familiarity and instant connection could be because they have seen, held, and loved each other for many lifetimes. For instance, Juhi had met her twin flame in her college days. It was a brief interaction but it left an unforgettable impression on her mind. 

Years later, Juhi went for past life regression therapy to heal her past wounds and in there she saw the same person she had remembered from her college days.  What is more striking is that a few months after the past life regression therapy she finally met her twin flame again. 

You too, me too!- You’ll be very similar

Twin flames have A LOT in common. It could be as simple as food choices and as major as life values and personality traits.  You will be mind-blown by the similarities you both share with each other. Juhi describes the encounter as something like coming home.

There will be many ‘strange’ coincidences and similar experiences shared by you and your twin flame. 

“His past relationship was exactly like mine. The reasons for breaking up were shockingly the same too! It was crazy how we both shared the same timelines” shares Vihan who is happily married to his twin flame. 

They can bring out the worst in you

Twin flames share a divine connection but that in no way implies that their relationship will be smooth and easy. The purpose of a twin-flame relationship is to bring you close to your true self and help in your soul evolution journey. 

In order to do that, you will need to face your fears, insecurities, toxic traits, and past wounds. A twin flame is likely to bring all that crap to the surface so that you can clear them and move forward in your soul journey. Hence, twin flame relationships are often intense and challenging. 

Their presence is magnetic

Ever felt like you are missing your person even when they are right in the next room?

Twin-flame souls don’t understand the concept of time and distance. Being apart from your twin flame even if it is for a minute can feel like a whole lifetime. There is a physical pull toward each other. 

There is a need to be close to your twin flame. Their absence can make you feel like a major part of you is missing.

You find your way back to each other

Twin flames are likely to separate from each other because of the intense emotional experience. Moreover, the separation between the twin flames is a decisive period. Separation happens so that the twin flames can work on each other individually and come back together. 

Unfortunately, many twin flames lose each other at this stage. Both of them need to do the inner work and this can get pretty tough and challenging. 

For instance, Gayatri and Jay were on the edge of getting a divorce. They were twin flames who could no longer bear the heat of the relationship. However, twin flames are also supported by higher powers and for some reason both ended up doing past life regression therapy.

Past life regression therapy helped them to understand that they share a deep soulful connection with each other and cleared the obstacles that were separating them.


Meeting your twin flame and building a relationship could perhaps be the biggest blessing of your life. It fills you with divine love and happiness. However, they are often tumultuous and challenging. 

If a twin-flame relationship is not nurtured in the right way then it can get toxic as well resulting in a painful separation. The good news is that past life regression therapy can help you to attract/heal your twin-flame relationship. 

Many answers lie in your previous lives, especially those that are related to karmic connections and divine relationships. Find your answers and invite a passionate, intense, and loving bond into your life. 

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5 Signs You Both Are Twin Flames: Heal Your Twin Flames Relationship With Past Life Regression

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