How Past Life Regression Therapy Removed Dark Energies From Me- Real Story of 2021

How Past Life Regression Therapy Removed Dark Energies From Me- Real Story of 2021
How Past Life Regression Therapy Removed Dark Energies From Me- Real Story of 2021

How Past Life Regression Therapy Removed Dark Energies From Me- Real Story of 2021

Naina completed her past life regression therapy on 19th December 2021. Her experience of past life regression therapy helped her to heal from a painful past. Ever since then her life has not been the same. 

She believes that her soul has been healed and she has achieved a deep understanding of herself and the world around her. She can breathe easily, laugh a little louder and sleep a lot better. 

Naina’s story of past life regression therapy is real and raw. Her life was a jigsaw puzzle and PLR helped her to solve it. 

The Unexplainable Emptiness

Naina is in her late 30s and is hustling to make a thriving business of her own. She lives in the quiet lanes of Vancouver with her mother and her sister. Currently, she is dating someone but she is not quite sure whether the relationship has a future or not. 

Naina likes to term the relationship as ‘complicated’. Other than the small glitches in her romantic relationships, Naina is living a satisfying and happy life. 

“Sometimes I feel that my life is a miracle. I saw a lot of dark days where I thought that I would not even make it out alive but here I am. It gives me goosebumps!” says Naina. 

She was born and brought up in the  buzzing streets of Delhi. Her father was a businessman and her mother was a housewife. When Naina turned 4 years old she received her baby sister. 

As she grew up, Naina started feeling a deep void in her heart. She would cry for hours without any reason and could never figure out why. 

She carried the emptiness with her but never showed it to anyone else because nobody would truly understand. She lived a decent life and had nothing to complain about, yet there was some unexplainable sadness that resided within her soul. 

She gradually learned how to ignore that feeling and move along in life. She completed her graduation in Delhi and went on to pursue her masters in Canada. After completing her Masters’ she got a placement in a reputed firm and started earning enough to take a home loan. 

After 10 years of struggle, she was able to buy her own home and decided to call her parents and sister as well. Unfortunately, Naina’s father passed away before he could see the life she had made for herself. 

All this while the sadness and emptiness within Naina started growing more and more. It had made a comfortable home in her mind and no matter how much she tried it refused to leave.

Her 30th Birthday

Things took a turn for the worst when Naina turned 30. The sadness was turning into depression and the emptiness in her chest was provoking thoughts of suicide in her head. 

She felt helpless and frustrated!

“It was the most difficult period of my life. I felt exhausted all the time. My body would ache. My head just felt numb. I don’t know what was happening to me. I took psychiatric help but nothing seemed to help. I was just lost” shares Naina. 

She spent another 6 years living in misery. She slacked at her work because of which she lost her chance of getting a huge raise Fortunately, the investments made by her father were helping Naina and her family to continue living a stable life in Canada

She stopped socializing and preferred staying alone in her room. She even started having anger outbursts and nightmares. Her moods were getting out of control, and her weight was reduced more and more every day.

Taking Support

After 6 years of pain and depression, Naina decided to take the support she needed. She called her friend and told her everything that has been happening to her. 

“She is a spiritual person. She told me that what I am experiencing could be something to do with my soul. I was confused at first but then when I talked to the past life regression therapist suggested her I got the assurance I needed”

Naina took past life regression therapy because she believe that something bigger and unknown was at play. At times she even felt that she was controlled by someone else. Her intuition led her to past life regression therapy and somewhere in her heart, she knew that this could be the key to her solutions. 

Take Support to Resolve Your Issues. Take Past Life Regression Therapy Now.

Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions

Naina confided to her past life regression therapist about her unexplainable sadness and emptiness. She told him that it had been with her since she was a child but ever since her 30th birthday it had consumed her whole. 

The therapist guided her to one of her previous lives, one that holds the key to the problems. 

In the past life regression therapy, Naina saw that she was born into a Chinese family. Her name was Huan and she lived in a small town in China and barely had sufficient money to afford a day’s lunch. She begged, borrowed, and even stole money so that she could bring some food for her little sister. 

See Your Past Life. Take Past Life Regression Therapy Today!

Life for little Huan was full of emotional and financial struggles. She even had to run away with her little sister because her father had threatened to kill them. Huan’s sole purpose in life was to take care of her baby sister and there was nothing she couldn’t do to make sure she lives a better life. 

As Naina progressed further into her past life regression therapy, she reached a stage when Huan turned 30 years old. Her sister was now 25 and they both lived in a small but comfortable house.

Unfortunately, their life was still full of conflicts and mishaps. Her sister had fallen in love with a drug addict who threatened to kill her if she did not give money to buy drugs. 

One night she got into a bad fight with him and told him that if he does not leave her alone she will tell the police. That angered him so much that he tied her to the chair, put gasoline on her and lit it on fire, and ran away from the house. 

Huan received a call that her apartment was on fire. When she reached there she saw her sister burning in the yellow and orange flames. There was nothing she could do other than scream and cry. 

She loved her sister with all her heart and being in a world without her was an impossible thought. The pain was too much to bear and she ran straight into the fire that was killing her little sister. 

Both sisters passed away in a tragic and sad incident. 

As Naina was experiencing these events, she began to weep uncontrollably. When the therapist asked why she was crying, Naina kept saying, “Because she is in me because she is in me”

Huan’s soul resided in Naina ever since she was born. In cases of suicide, the soul gets stuck in the physical realm and often needs a vessel to survive. When Naina was born, Huan’s soul latched onto her. 

The emptiness and sadness that she felt were actually Huan’s pain and loss. And when she turned 30, the same age when Huan committed suicide by throwing herself into the fire, the pain became unbearable. 

Healing and Letting Go

Past life regression therapy released Huan’s soul and helped Naina to find peace, acceptance, and forgiveness from her past. 

He provided healing remedies that gradually removed the negative energies. As months passed by, Naina began to feel lighter and happier. She had never felt this way before. 

The empty feeling had disappeared and so did her depression. Past life regression therapy healed Naina’s life completely. 

Heal Your Life. Take Past Life Regression Therapy Today!

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How Past Life Regression Therapy Removed Dark Energies From Me- Real Story of 2021

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