“King Power Mahanakhon” Experiencing the Charms of Bangkok

“King Power Mahanakhon” Experiencing the Charms of Bangkok
“King Power Mahanakhon” Experiencing the Charms of Bangkok

“King Power Mahanakhon” Experiencing the Charms of Bangkok

“King Power Mahanakhon” Experiencing the Charms of Bangkok

King Power Mahanakhon announces its readiness in welcoming tourists in 2023 by presenting the concept ‘IT’S ALL POSSIBLE, FUTURVERSE MUSIC PERFORMANCE’ which will offer four types of experiences—EAT PLAY STAY SHOP. Visitors from all over the world will enjoy the charms of Bangkok by checking into Mahanakhon’s coolest hang-out spots, restaurants, concept stores, and world-class hotels.

King Power Mahanakhon recently held the event ‘KING POWER MAHANAKHON GRAND OPENING … THE MAHANAKHON OF LIVES’ to reveal its current status as the perfect landmark destination for Bangkok where visitors will enjoy four types of experiences EAT PLAY STAY SHOP which will be presented under the concept ‘IT’S ALL POSSIBLE, FUTURVERSE MUSIC PERFORMANCE’. The event aims to present the colourful lifestyle that embraces possibilities which is the ethos of King Power Mahanakhon.

‘King Power Mahanakhon’ is a development project managed by King Power Group. Designed as a multi-purpose building in a modern architectural style, the Mahanakhon functions as a lifestyle centre in many aspects. It houses luxury hotels namely The Ritz-Carlton Residence, and the Standard Bangkok Mahanakhon, a joint venture between King Power Group and the Standard group to establish the Standard’s first flagship hotel in Asia. It is also home to FIRSTER, a multistore of world-class beauty and lifestyle projects; Mahanakhon Sky Walk, the highest observation platform at 314 metres above ground level.

Moreover, the building also comprises Mahanakhon Cube Lifestyle mall which includes MAHANAKHON EATERY, a joint dining area served by seven leading restaurants in the cross-dining format; THAI TASTE HUB MAHANAKHON CUBE, a hub of the country’s leading street food vendors; THE BIG BOARD, Thailand’s first sport bar; and other lifestyle services such as beauty parlors and clinics, fitness clubs etc. The Mahanakhon is set to be the landmark destination for tourists who wants to savour the charms of Bangkok, all in one place.

Mr. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, King Power Group’s CEO, said “One of King Power’s business strategies is to branch out its duty-free core business into relevant tourism businesses. By developing King Power Mahanakhon into Bangkok’s landmark destination, the group’s business portfolio will expand and therefore be able to synergise with other businesses under King Power’s management. Ultimately, it will contribute concretely to the boosting of the country’s tourism industry.

This plan will continuously develop King Power Mahanakhon to the pinnacle of perfection. It is now ready to serve as a significant tourist destination which will increase Bangkok’s capacity in welcoming tourists. With a strategic location in the CBD area, King Power Mahanakhon is conveniently served by Chong Nonsi BTS station. It has its signature Observation Deck which is considered the best viewing platform in the country.

With the view of Chao Phraya river’s majestic curve, the building is a unique attraction with outstanding physical structure like other world-famous attractions such as the London Eye in England, the Eiffel tower in France, or the Petronas buildings in Malaysia.

Developed as the lifestyle centre that balances Bangkok’s diverse cultures and unique identity, King Power Mahanakhon is set to become one of the capital’s landmark destinations that appeals to local and foreign visitors alike. With this vision, the Mahanakhon aims to promote the country’s tourism which corresponds to the government’s post-COVID tourism stimulus package for economic improvement.

While Ms. Amber Asher, CEO of THE STANDARD INTERNATIONAL, said, “Our grand opening event helps showcase the capability of King Power Group’s tourism businesses which have always been steadfast and ready for expansion. This undoubtedly benefits Thailand’s tourism industry. The development of this landmark destination boasts an outstanding location, the unique Outdoor Observation Deck, and the lifestyle centre with harmonious yet diverse cultures so unique of Bangkok. We’re confident that King Power Mahanakhon will become one of the landmark destinations that has a strong potential in attracting tourists, foreigners and locals alike, to experience Bangkok’s charms. By joining hands with THE STANDARD group in the development of the hotel THE STANDARD, BANGKOK MAHANAKHON, our first flagship hotel in Asia, King Power Mahanakhon will become Bangkok’s ICONIC WORLD CLASS LANDMARK DESTINATION that increases the value of Thailand’s tourism industry.”

Recently, since the opening of the country’s borders in late 2022, there has been a steady increase in tourists checking in to King Power Mahanakhon. Today, both Thai and foreign tourists visit the Mahanakhon in their thousands—at least 1,300 visitors a day, 5% Thai and 95% international visitors such as Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and India. The most popular activity is walking on the Glass Tray, a challenging check-in point for those daring to have the once-in-the-lifetime experience.

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“King Power Mahanakhon” Experiencing the Charms of Bangkok

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