‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Backslides Into Drama Despite Much-Needed Peace

‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Backslides Into Drama Despite Much-Needed Peace


Kimmi shows vulnerability, Tisha sets boundaries, Melody gets a warning and Martell receives some information about Marsau. Episode 14 of Love & Marriage Huntsville gave us just enough drama to have us counting down the days until the next episode. Let’s get into it. 


Lunch Date Gone Wrong 

Marsau and Tisha meet at their restaurant, Blaque, for lunch. Their date was going well until Marsau casually mentions that he invited Melody to meet him at the restaurant so they could have a discussion. Tisha wasn’t happy. She told her husband that he shouldn’t text another woman, without her knowledge—especially Melody. Tisha went on to say that Marsau shouldn’t be communicating with her “enemy.”  It’s no secret that Melody and Tisha aren’t besties, but the two women seemed to be at least cordial when they hung out in Florida. Tisha even went as far to ask Melody about her love life. 

Marsau accused his wife of being jealous which angered her even more. When sis tries to explain her position, Marsau raises his voice and doesn’t allow her to get a word in edgewise. When she refuses to back down, Mr.Scott storms out of the restaurant. LaTisha may have overreacted, but she has a valid point. 

Marsau eventually comes back inside. His demeanor is calm now, but he simply reiterated what he said earlier but without acknowledging Tisha’s feelings. He flirts with his beautiful wife as they walk out together. The argument is diffused, but not resolved. We see what you did there, Marsau. 


This Could Have Been An Email

Melody stops by Blaque to meet with Marsau and wants to talk to her. According to Marsau, his older brother Mark, threatened to talk about his fling with Melody’s mother on social media. Marsau wanted to forewarn Mel and also let her know that he is not involved. 

Mel didn’t seem to appreciate the heads up and she clearly didn’t want to discuss her mama’s business in front of the camera. She abruptly ended the conversation and high-tailed it out of there. Marsau should encourage his brother to find another hobby. 


Say What Now ?

Martell meets with his homeboy, Chris Fletcher. Martell asks Chris if he has spoken to Marsau lately. This is when brotherman spills some tea. When LaTisha confronted her husband about the rumors of him cheating when he was in Atlanta, he had an alibi. Marsau claimed that he was hanging with Chris in Atlanta. According to Mr. Fletcher, he only saw  Marsau for a brief moment that weekend. ‘Sau got some explaining to do. 


Dinner With The Comeback Crew 

Kimmi invites Martell, Mel and the Scotts over for dinner. While the Scott brothers are preparing dinner,. Tisha fills Kimmi on their visit with the Holts in Florida. Kimmi was pleasantly surprised to hear that Tisha and Melody were able to hang out with no drama. Martell is the next to arrive and ladies waste no time getting all up in his business. 

“I heard you got a new boo.” 

Martell tries to dance around the question at first but there’s no use —photos of him and Sheree Whitfield are all over the internet. Martell says that he and Sheree are “just friends.” 

When Melody arrives, her ex-husband observes that she’s wearing a white lace dress. He thinks she’s wearing the dress because it would have been their 14th wedding anniversary—that seems like a reach.

Martell invites everyone to the launch party for his new wine. He tells Melody to bring a plus one. The ladies ask Melody if she’s going to accept his invitation.

“I have to check my schedule” she replies.

But her body language is saying “hell no.”

Kimmy shares her breast cancer diagnosis with the group. Both Melody and Martel are both saddened by the news.

Kimmi says she’s coming to terms with her diagnosis and she’s in much better spirits these days. We love to see it. We wish her many more good days. Cheers  to a speedy recovery.

Love & Marriage Huntsville airs on Saturdays at 8 PM EST on the OWN network. 

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‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ Backslides Into Drama Despite Much-Needed Peace

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