Qatar sees steep surge in tourist arrivals

Qatar sees steep surge in tourist arrivals
Qatar sees steep surge in tourist arrivals

Qatar sees steep surge in tourist arrivals

The arrival of visitors to Qatar witnessed a whopping over 430 percent increase in November 2022 on year-on-year basis as the country welcomed 591,738 visitors in November last year while 111,584 people had visited Qatar in November 2021.

According to the latest report by the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) issued yesterday, as many as 591,738 visitors arrived in November 2022, compared to 179,569 in October of last year and 111,584 visitors in the same month of 2021. This also shows a growth of 229.5 percent on monthly basis.

FIFA World Cup 2022 attracted over 1.4 million visitors which has increased the demands in the tourism and hospitality sector.

The strong inflow of visitors was due to Qatar hosting the major sporting event – FIFA World Cup, first in the Middle East and the Arab world.

Of the total arrivals, 503,827 visitors came to Qatar by flights in November 2022 against 80,446 visitors in November 2021, registering a rise of 526 percent.

The visitors who came via sea totalled to 5,936 while 81,975 entered the country through land border, the report noted.

Qatar attracted visitors from across the regions with higher number of visitors from the Americas, totalling 23 percent during November 2022 while GCC countries visitors were the second highest accounting for 22 percent.

Of the total visitors, 19 percent visitors were from Asian and European countries.

Around 115,060 visitors came from Asia (including Oceania) and 113,288 in November last year from Europe registering a growth of 200.4 percent and 204.4 percent on year-on-year basis.

Visitor arrivals measure non-residents travelling to Qatar on a short-term basis for all purposes.

It includes arrivals at borders under different 15 visa classes, including all businesses and leisure visa types excluding work visas.

Arrivals from the Gulf region constituted 22 percent in the total arrivals. The number of visitors from the GCC stood at 128,423 in November 2022 against 38,600 in November in 2021 showing an increase of 232.7 percent on yearly basis.

The travellers from other Arab countries represented 14 percent of the total visitor arrivals as 85,414 visitors from this region arrived in Qatar in November of last year compared to 14,310 in November 2021, a rise of 496.9 percent annually.

While visitors from other African countries stood at 13,918 in November of 2022.

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Qatar sees steep surge in tourist arrivals

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